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Wood Fence Wilmington NC, For years Affordable Fence Men, has been the fence contractor for Wilmington NC, also the number one choice of the home owners with excellence in the fencing industry.

Your Local Affordable Fence company has been providing the quality / professional craftsmanship and customer service that residents of North Carolina | South Carolina expect from an experienced fence install contractor, free estimate.

Using our products in the NC | SC areas have been our commitment to the community bringing proper elegance and value to your home landscaping or Horse fence stables needs

Equestrian Horse Fence

Horse Fencing has been a passion for us since our company started, one of our very first jobs was horse fencing in NC. Affordable Fencing available in surrounding areas. We are willing to travel to your locations and provide Horse Corral. Possibly we already have builders in your area working for us. We are offering a Variety of Horse fence styles and products to choose from. Many styles of Fencing of all types available for your project. Contact us on here on the website or simply call us and we will take care of your project.

Classic, customization, affordable, easy to construct and easy to install, hence it is no wonder these fences are so popular.

Wood Fence Wilmington NC, Fence Install Contractor

Fencing, gates are truly a look that has stood the test of time and passed with elegance. Treated-Wood is remarkably durable, especially if it has been handled in the right way. Therefore With the ability to withstand rain, wind and pressures of everyday life, it can handle quite a bit.

So many of our customers love their affordable fence wood fence for their versatility in design, and the way they can match almost any home exterior with the wide range of colors, stains and cuts. While you can modify this style anyway you like, our crews will make the custom designs to retain that look you love.

At Affordable fence Men, we believe that your fencing should keep you safe, protect your privacy. in addition to define your property, all while complimenting your space and proving to be durable. Most noteworthy those are the kinds of fences Affordable Fence Men, are what we stand by.

Our teams and crews have more than 35 years experience as an Premier fence supplier. with extensive experience. These are the quality fence contractors and builders you want to invest in.

Affordable Fence

We utilize only the highest quality materials in our projects. There is nothing like the warmth affordable fence Contractor Installation.

Wood Fence materials we offer include: Pressure Treated Pine, Yellow Pine and Western Red Cedar.

In addition for best results we highly recommend that you use fence painting, fence staining, or apply water proofing to your new fence.

Because in addition to, if treated properly, using pressure washing, fence staining, fence painting, your new fence will deliver years and years of quality service.

Fence Company, Fence Contractor

We use galvanized nails on all fences as a result to prevent rust causing lines down the fence.

We also use 4″x 4″ posts on gates because where applicable. 6’ foot tall fences will have 8’ foot post allowing two feet of each wood fencing post in the ground covered by using 40 lbs concrete in each application. Some competitors use lesser values products which we do not recommend, furthermore that wont last.

Styles varies from your personal needs. Most of all, Privacy fences are typically 6 feet tall and maybe obstruct the view of your families yard from those around you as well.

Consequently as your view of surrounding properties depending upon the slop of your landscaping. NC, Fence Contractor, Fence Company, Fencing.

Less taller fences are usually shorter rather than while some will have spaces between the boards to provide barriers

Most noteworthy to keep children an small pets inside the area while enjoying your surroundings.

Southeastern NC uses two types of products prominently desired for outdoor fencing are Pressure Treated Pine and Cedar.

Styles Privacy or Semi-Privacy

  • Privacy Dog Ear
  • Concave
  • Convex
  • French Gothic
  • Regular Point
  • Solid Contour
  • Horse Fence

Fencing Installation Contractor

First of all, A Dog Ear style is perfect for most home owners needs.

Therefore providing privacy for all your basic needs, with free estimate.

Henceforth ILM NC requests Affordable Fence Men as the Contractor of choice for many home owners due to our previous customers recommendations to use us.

While, Scalloped French Gothic and other variations of the top of the pickets are classic in design.

Yet, Lattice topped as an X pattern in privacy fences are modern in design and having an alternative look and feel..

Furthermore, capping the posts on an privacy fence will help your home stand out from the rest of your neighbors. Probably a good choice.

Therefore in conclusion treated-wood is a natural resource meaning it is biodegradable and completely safe for you, your pets, your family and your environment offering compliments to your neighborhood areas.

Call (910) 444-1706 or contact us today Free Estimate in addition to find out more about our fence products, and see how you can be our next happy customer!

Wood Fence ILM NC

Privacy Fence ILM NC

Semi Privacy French Gothic

Semi Privacy French Gothic

Horse Fence

Horse Fence

Horse Fence

Horse Fence, Pasture Fence

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Privacy Fence, Solid Contour, Step Down

Privacy Fence

Wood Fence Privacy

Wood Convex

Convex Wood Fence

Horse Fence Gate

Horse Fence Gate